Great. White. Buffalo. Status.

“Great White Buffalo Status” – the term refers to someone who is “the one that got away,” they are full of grace and hard to find.

Tonight I caught up with a good friend of mine who I haven’t seen in around six months (due to stupid, petty argument). As we were catching up, I was telling him about my month-long journey in the great big U S of A. I babbled on about the times I will never forget, some I wish I could forget. Anyways, I mentioned that when I was in Nashville, I and a tour-buddy went and got inked. This was my first ever time getting a tattoo, and for some reason, I got two of them, because hey, why the hell not. To add to my wild, rebellious, “what happens on tour, stays on tour” mantra – I also got my nipple piercing. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, there is a silver, metal bar right though my right tit (edit: yes, it did hurt and yes, it does look kinda cool).

After a brief moment for my friend to get over the fact that I did such a thing, he told me that I lost my status of “Great White Buffalo.” Once he described what exactly that was, I was flattered but then a tidal wave of emotions hit. Flattered on one hand because who doesn’t want to be considered the “perfect girl next door” or the “one that got away” or even just a “hard to find gem.” Then on the other hand, annoyed. I lose this “prestigious” title because of three minor additions to my body PLUS how rude it is to have a friend say that you’ve “changed” but not in a good way – you see, in his eyes, I’m not longer this rarity.


Despite being this ridiculously independent woman who takes no shit from no man – It kinda sucked hearing it. I attempted to rant/be consoled by one of my other dude friends who’s apparently “in love” with me, and even he was lost for words, because, even in his eyes I lost the status.

Why the heck does, this status even exists. CAN THIS LIKE END?

In summary, I need to find new guy friends or a dude who sees me as still having that title despite my SMALL tattoos and bar in my right nipple.


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  1. In my experience, most people think they love you but they’re really just in love with an idea they created. Once you start evolving, they become angry because “you’ve changed” when in reality you were never what they thought you were to begin with. Anyway, I love your blog! Can’t wait to read more!

    On a scale from 1-10 how bad was the nipple piercing? I’m kind of a little bitch with piercings but I’ve always wanted my nipple pierced!

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    1. I totally agree with you! && I just did a little blog stalk and I dig your blog – I can’t wait for more! I love that you’re also a whiskey gal hahaha

      Haha I think I was more nervous just whipping out my boob to some random – I had a few friends who got their nip pierced and they said it was the worst pain in the world – but I didn’t think it was THAT painful, like yeah, it hurt at first and probably hurt more because I had to continue wearing a bra (I went to a bar afterwards with friends so I couldn’t be walkin’ round holding my bra while sipping on some bevys haha). In saying this, I have a few piercings – and this one wasn’t nearly as bad as the industrial piercing (the big bar though the top of the ear). Hmm… on a scale of 1-10 I’d say it’s only a 5, maybe a 6 at the most. The next day it was perfectly fine and looked hella rad.

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