London’s Calling. 

I feel like I haven't been to the international airport in ages, but in reality it's only been three months since my incredible trip to Vietnam.  A lot has happened in the last three months, both ranging from extreme highs and extreme lows (some will he explained in a later post) and as I sit... Continue Reading →


August 7th.

So I have been quite M.I.A. on WordPress for the past month and I have no one to blame besides uni. It's not that I am stressed and drowning myself in studying, I am just for some reason, enjoying it this semester. Everything in life is great at the moment. I'm killing it in uni,... Continue Reading →

Realising New Career Prospects

Yesterday the tour group and I went on a snorkelling trip in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I highly recommend everyone doing this trip. We left at 9:45am and got back at 4pm. There were cocktails and lunch included as well as free water, snrkelling gear and towels.  Snorkelling has been my favourite hobby since forever. I've... Continue Reading →

EPL: Redisovering

One flight down...one more to go and I will arive in Vietnam. I'm doing another tour with Geckos Adventures.  Leading up to today, a few people have asked me "are you excited?" To be completely honest, I am excitied but that feeling no long hits me until I set my feet on new turf.  I'm not... Continue Reading →

Reminder: He lied to you and fucked up multiple times. Don't go back. Move forward. 

Geckos Adventures: Cambodia

I am slowly adding all my travel stories - I will be more travel related in about 18 days, which is when my next trip is booked. Anyways, I thought I'd add a brief post on my tour in Cambodia. I have previously mentioned my love for the Geckos Adventures tours. I went on one... Continue Reading →

The Awkward Phase…

I'm pretty happy to finally say that after two weeks of us being over - I'm removing your photos off my phone. Apart of me wishes that I didn't take so many photos of you or us, probably would have saved a good hour or so selecting and removing them. I don't at all wish... Continue Reading →

Gig: The Smith Street Band

Last night I went to the Smith Street Band gig at the Tivoli in Brisbane. Despite some minor issues with the person I went with the overall gig was insane. There's something about the strong, unique voice that I'm obsessed with.  If I was you, I'd be checking them out asap. Start off with these... Continue Reading →

Friends after?

Today we were meant to hang out and you forgot.  I'm no longer mad at you forgetting our plans, but more disappointed. The only reason why we're acting as best buds is because you got upset when I told you many months ago that "if you broke my heart, I'd want nothing to do with... Continue Reading →

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