Realising the Asshole.

Sunday February 18 2018: Back in that rut again. Two weeks ago a friend of mine came to visit and I had a fantastic time, we didn't do much but I was okay to just sit and chill. After all, I hadn't seen him since November last year. As soon as I saw him at... Continue Reading →


August 7th.

So I have been quite M.I.A. on WordPress for the past month and I have no one to blame besides uni. It's not that I am stressed and drowning myself in studying, I am just for some reason, enjoying it this semester. Everything in life is great at the moment. I'm killing it in uni,... Continue Reading →

Realising New Career Prospects

Yesterday the tour group and I went on a snorkelling trip in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I highly recommend everyone doing this trip. We left at 9:45am and got back at 4pm. There were cocktails and lunch included as well as free water, snrkelling gear and towels.  Snorkelling has been my favourite hobby since forever. I've... Continue Reading →

EPL: Rediscovering

One flight more to go and I will arive in Vietnam. I'm doing another tour with Geckos Adventures. Leading up to today, a few people have asked me "are you excited?" To be completely honest, I am excitied but that feeling no long hits me until I set my feet on new turf. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Birthday Food Freebies

So, it's my birthday next Thursday - I'm turning a not-so-exciting 22. Anyways, I have a friend who loves freebies and she has just informed me about all these goodies I can snag on my birthday if I sign up. As lonely as it may seem, I can't pass up a good ice cream, or... Continue Reading →

I know I said in my first post that I want to have all my travel related stories and photos on here, I'm currently in the process of writing them on here (from my travel journal) and adding them, please stay tuned! Much Love Jaynie.

Great. White. Buffalo. Status.

"Great White Buffalo Status" - the term refers to someone who is "the one that got away," they are full of grace and hard to find. Tonight I caught up with a good friend of mine who I haven't seen in around six months (due to stupid, petty argument). As we were catching up, I was... Continue Reading →

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