Realising the Asshole.

Sunday February 18 2018: Back in that rut again. Two weeks ago a friend of mine came to visit and I had a fantastic time, we didn't do much but I was okay to just sit and chill. After all, I hadn't seen him since November last year. As soon as I saw him at... Continue Reading →


Reminder: He lied to you and fucked up multiple times. Don't go back. Move forward. 

The Awkward Phase…

I'm pretty happy to finally say that after two weeks of us being over - I'm removing your photos off my phone. Apart of me wishes that I didn't take so many photos of you or us, probably would have saved a good hour or so selecting and removing them. I don't at all wish... Continue Reading →

Friends after?

Today we were meant to hang out and you forgot.  I'm no longer mad at you forgetting our plans, but more disappointed. The only reason why we're acting as best buds is because you got upset when I told you many months ago that "if you broke my heart, I'd want nothing to do with... Continue Reading →

Great. White. Buffalo. Status.

"Great White Buffalo Status" - the term refers to someone who is "the one that got away," they areĀ full of grace and hard to find. Tonight I caught up with a good friend of mine who I haven't seen in around six months (due to stupid, petty argument). As we were catching up, I was... Continue Reading →

1 week since you.

Today marks one week since we called it quits. One week. Seven days. The first day was weird, it was as if you died because you were no longer around but you were still living, breathing, walking around, doing your day-to-day things, just without me. When the next day came around, I was fine and... Continue Reading →

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