Hi. Hello.

Hi. Hello. Howdy Partner! 

Welcome(?) to my journey. I have no clue how to properly introduce myself. I am the cliche university student (who is about to graduate at the end of the year I might add) who is obsessed with traveling. However, I have not yet been to many places – but everywhere is on my list. If I’m stuck in Brisbane, you know I won’t be there for very long because I’ll have not just one, but two or three trips booked and preparing for.

Current Location: Brisbane, Australia

Dream Location: Anywhere but Brisbane, Australia. 

I am a daydreamer. I used to know EXACTLY what I wanted in life, but as I enter my 22nd year, all I want is to be able to travel the world with work and to be happy as Larry.

Places I have visited:

  • Thailand: September 2008
  • Malaysia: September 2010
  • Thailand: February 2015
  • Cambodia: July 2015
  • Fiji: September 2015
  • Vanuatu: February 2016
  • New Caledonia: February 2016
  • Thailand: July 2016
  • United States of America: February 2017
  • Vietnam: June 2017
  • England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & Ireland: October 2017
  • Sri Lanka: November 2017

Upcoming/Trips Booked:

  • BIG Canadian Working Holiday: 2018

Anywhoo – this is my blog, thanks for readin’ (tips fedora).








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